Thursday, January 30, 2020

Breakdown the misconception of toys Essay Example for Free

Breakdown the misconception of toys Essay Is toy world totally belongs to boy and girl world? Adults probably have their own toys but they are just borrowing from the world which is not belongs to them. The only connoisseurs of toy are children? Toys is any object that can be use to play. And it is majority associated with kids. Toys play a very important role in our growing stage and it related to everyones childhood memories. However when we grow up, we have to draw a line towards toys, because toy represent childish inside the world of an adult. We shouldnt let peoples point of views stopping us from playing toys. Whatever age we are, inside our heart toys will always be a part of us. According to the book written by Woodrow Phoenix (2006), â€Å"the power of toys is not about a return or a childish behaviour. It is the recognition of possibility.† Toys are not childish, toys are symbols that have a metaphorical power to express thoughts and emotions that may have their origins in childhood. We can know parts of ourselves, our secret, our wish, our desire in toys world. A toy can touch our inner part, which is our unexpressed and dreaming self. Toy assimilates and act out secrets, wishes, and desires, it becomes an extremely important part of the owner, toy holds of a relation with owner and gives an extraordinary personal experience to the owner. Toy has built a memory palace in our heart. We can see this clearly in the attachment of people with their toys. As companions on the emotional voyage from childhood to adulthood, toys have for their owner an emotional value that is far greater than anything. This prove that toys hold a very important place in everyone childhood, therefore we should breakdown the misconceptions about toys, and let our inner child run wild again.

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